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January 02, 2020

SG Preston Seeks to Usher in A New Industrial Revolution of Sustainability

Philadelphia – SG Preston, a leading bioenergy developer, today announced that it intends to apply its expertise in partnership with leading environmental sustainability investment initiatives to target and convert large scale industrial sites occupied by traditional industries such as coal power and petroleum refining. The company’s industrial site conversions will focus on re-developing these sites using proven, innovative technologies and existing labor and equipment, to produce renewable fuels and clean power, while also partnering with institutions with a track record of actively, and diligently remediating the environmental contamination of the sites.

“There exists a major misperception in the marketplace that economic growth, major industry, job security, green energy and cleaner air cannot exist in the same discussion. It is time to change that narrative and to introduce a new narrative. Given today’s proven technological advancements, green energy and cleaner air can be, and is being developed at large scale using the same equipment and labor that we use today, and have used in the past, in making petroleum fuels, energy from coal, industrial chemicals and other necessary, industrial manufacturing”, said Randy LeTang, CEO of SG Preston.

SG Preston believes that its development strategy, which benefits from policies such as the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) – which creates RINS, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), as well as the trillions of dollars in global demand and incentives for transitioning industry towards a more sustainable future, introduces a significant opportunity for those cities and states where communities with idle assets, high skilled labor, and great logistics are looking for a way of re-starting those traditional assets, sustainably. Cleaner air, re-starting and maintaining existing jobs, and using existing skilled labor to train the next generation of industrial engineers and researchers is how the company defines the New Industrial Revolution of Sustainability.

“Unlike a lot of the existing, traditional petroleum refineries and coal assets, our renewable and clean energy platforms work hand-in-hand with, and benefit from all global policies supporting a transition to a cleaner, industrialized future, including RINS; that is a powerful incentive for change”, said Randy LeTang, CEO of SG Preston.

SG Preston's experience is demonstrated in bioenergy including biofuels, having executed some of the first and largest binding renewable fuel supply agreements in the history of global aviation with companies such as Jet Blue Airways and Qantas Airways, and renewable power and logistics, with some of the largest waste-to-energy companies in the world.

About S.G. Preston

SG Preston is a bioenergy leader advancing the potential of renewable fuels and energy through an intelligent and integrated logistics and product development system.

SG Preston knows what it takes to make renewable energy a reality at commercial scale, and how to make it work long-term. We impart a spirit of partnership in every project — taking into careful consideration the needs of all stakeholders — to develop bioenergy solutions as integrative as they are innovative.

SG Preston has a strategic goal to develop 1.2 billion gallons of renewable biofuels to help major stakeholders in the transportation and related industries meet their strategic goals. For more information, please visit


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