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July 06, 2015

Renewable Fuel Facility Coming To Van Wert

Soon, Van Wert will be home to a producer of renewable fuel. SG Preston has selected Van Wert as one of three locations to build a production facility of renewable diesel and jet fuel made from feedstock. 

City officials say many aspects about Van Wert made it the right choice for the company. 

"I'd say with the rail, where were located with the rail. I'm sure they've looked at our climate, our growth patterns that we're able to sustain what they need. They've looked at our utilities, that we can provide for them. They've looked at the gas proponent and things that they're going to need here," said Sarah Smith, economic development director in Van Wert. 

The exact location where the facility will be built is still being considered. The job ready mega site is not an option because Smith says it's too big for this specific project, but other locations in Van Wert are being looked at. 

"One of the things SG Preston is looking when selecting a site at is proximity to the rail way for transportation, Smith said. 

The facility will bring about 60-100 salaried positions, averaging $58,000 a year, in the next three to five years. Local farmers will also be able to get involved. 

We'll start talking to the farmers to see who's interested in growing the feedstock and it'll be a long-term contract where SG Preston buys the seed and a lot of the purchasing, and our farmers will be doing most of the labor growing on their land," Smith said. "And they use it as a cover crop, so it's another source of income for our farmers."

City officials can't give many details at this time, but say this is something that has never been done before, and they're pleased Van Wert was selected be a part of it. 

"It's one of those things where they're lining up their sites and when it happens it's gonna happen big," Smith said. "I'm excited that Van Wert is a partner."



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